The List of Newest Genshin Impact Leaks

You could say that Genshin Impact is a relatively popular game… if “relatively” means one of the most popular gacha games on the market right now. The newest monthly earnings put it almost at the top, only slightly below its main competitor – Honkai: Star Rail, which is made by the same company. Now, considering how popular it is – it also stands to reason that there will be a lot of leakers when it comes to which characters will get released, what the kits of these characters are going to be, when they will be released, what new areas will be introduced, new weapons, new artifacts, etc. – and we’re here to cover some of the most popular and newest leaks regarding characters like Arlecchino, Natlan, etc.


The House of Chioriya – Update 4.5

Since we finally have confirmation of Chiori and her kit, most of the leaks by some prominent leakers whose usernames you will see in this article proved correct. It was more or less expected to go this way since they are very popular and reliable in the community, and always report on new developments first. Not only that, but the community has the utmost trust in some of these leakers – Uncle K most of all.

Chiori looks like she’s gonna be a bit underwhelming at first glance, but as we all know – all 5-star characters shine when you get their 6th constellation, but you might need to invest a bit of money for that or you could always find Genshin Accounts for sale and get an account that has a lot of wishes available.


The Additional Region Location in 4.6

There will be a new region added to Fontaine in 4.6, along with a few new characters – but more on those later. This new region will hold the artifact domain for the new sets, one which is designed with Arlecchino in mind. The approximate location will be somewhere south of the Fontaine area, as seen in the image below:

Arlecchino Leaks (Weapon, Artifact Set, Release Date)

Arlecchino is a Fatui Harbinger, and ever since she appeared in the trailer where the other Fatui Harbingers were shown, she’s been one of the most wanted characters. Many people have speculated what her kit will be, how she will play, what weapon she’ll use, and thanks to the aforementioned Uncle K, we finally have some crumbs to go off of.


Disclaimer: Most of these leaks are not detailed enough to make conclusions on how good she’ll be, they are just a small preview of what is to come. We’ll have to wait about a month to actually see what she plays like.


As we can see from the leaks above, they seem to compare her to Hu Tao, who is a pyro charge-attack based polearm user. What crumbs we seem to get is that her weapon will have a similar weapon to Wriothesley, whose weapon is basically designed solely for him to use at the moment since no other Catalyst-wielder can bring out it’s full potential. Now, whether the leakers meant that the weapon has a similar effect or just that only Arlecchino will be able to use it fully, remains to be seen.


There will also be two new artifacts – one will be “Arlecchino exclusive”, meaning that only she will be able to use it properly (but we’re sure the community will find other users for the artifact too) and another artifact set that will be based around the “Burning” reaction, which is when you mix Dendro with Pyro.


There’s a lot to look forward to in 4.6, and even though the patch 4.5 seems a bit lackluster at the moment, it will bring a ton of different events and a new banner system to the game. There’s also the new character, Chiori, and returning characters like Itto, Kazuha, and Neuvillette. Regardless of who you pull for you, you may always top-up your Genshin account with a trusted site like U7BUY to bring your favorites home!


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