Special Needs ADHD Medication Has Changed Our Live


I want to be able to share OUR experiences with those who are put off by those who have a strongly held opinion against medication for children suffering from ADHD. Disorder (ADHD).

I have three children and two of them are diagnosed with Autism as well as ADHD.

They’re Chalk and Cheese.

You may have seen some memes recently that stated something like:

“Yes my children get along just fine, as long as they aren’t in the same room, cannot hear one another or aren’t breathing the same air, everything is fine”

The meme was popular for bloggers with special needs. I have seen multiple variations of it being shared on social media as if it was a wildfire.

It certainly touched me.

My two eldest children are unable to communicate with each other well because everything is hot.

Both suffer from ADHD and are extremely difficult to manage , neither of them is able to remain still for long periods of time or sit for long periods of time. Often, the oldest one is across the floor in front of the dining table on his head, his arms hanging by the side.

He was very well-adjusted to the first medicine that was given to us.

My middle daughter has extreme ADHD Her impulses, as well as concentration span and attention are extremely impacted and it took our time and follow-ups to make sure her medication is right.

This is why it was much easier to make the decision to take her medication instead of her brother.

He was not, but she was not, she was so out of control that it was a massive job of screaming, fighting, shouting and causing chaos to everyone in the family.

After we were informed of my son’s diagnosis, we had a lengthy discussion on the medication.

We’ve observed how the medication worked for my daughter. Even though it made her sleepy at first, she grew using it, and the fatigue reduced.

She wasn’t zombie-like, but since the man was not as severe, we were concerned about how he might react to this.

He was struggling in school. He was 2 years behind and received very no support at the school until I transferred him to a new school with more inclusion and support. It was then established.

He was, however, struggling.

After the school evaluation conducted by a clinical psychologist conducted, 

It has not only improved his focus and concentration, he’s happier, and he’s not fidgeting as much his academic level has increased significantly and I’m not adamant about the creation of an Education Health and Care Plan for him.

His writing six months ago was incomprehensible.

It’s all beautifully laid out in a line. He has learned cursive and is eager to get his pen permit.

I am so grateful for him.

In the case of my child, it’s been longer than expected to find the dosage and the type of medication perfect however I am certain that the medication she is on is now beginning to show the proper results.

She’s less violent, and her tempers have gotten less.

She’s even been able to listen to the story, take in, and even laugh at an Anecdote.

Never has she ever done this before. She actually laughed and I was so thrilled!

Our family is beginning to settle down. 

They are actually watching similar shows on the same couch.

I don’t think it’s entirely due to the medication, but.

Both have new schools and they have settled very well.

We’ve seen a lot of changes in our home using the aid of sensory equipment and routines put in place very rigidly.

In combination, it’s effective.

Do not dismiss medication immediately due to the fact that others have experienced negative experiences, or even opinions.

Consider it, weigh your pros and cons and consider the child.

Talk to your school and ask them for their opinions.

What is their level of learning and emotional health?

It’s important to consider it carefully, as my personal experience and my personal belief, ADHD medication has been a life-changing experience for us and our family.

ADHD medication can help him become calmer and less frustrated.

Due to his sluggish fine motor abilities, Ezra gets VERY frustrated, VERY quickly with anything that involves working using his hands. The buttons, zippers clothes, fine motor related play, placing caps on markers or pens, etc. Now, I notice that I’m in a state of over-vigilance, anticipating an explosion whenever he’s doing these things however, he instead does it for a couple of minutes, and then either explains it or requests assistance. He’s got new shoes that include laces. The last time he was in the car, he was in the back seat for a number of minutes practicing knots into the laces.

ADHD medication aids in recovering from violent outbursts.

Outbursts will continue to happen Don’t get me wrong. He is still frustrated, angry However, he can come from his tense fits within a matter of a few minutes, maybe even an hour or so rather than having the longer, more arduous process.

ADHD medication can help him stay in compliance.

I ask him to dress He gets dressed. I remind him to get into the car, and he is into the car. It’s not always the case. But it’s more than normal. Sometimes, he’ll perform what he’s supposed to do, without having to be told. I could say things like, “You can watch these videos on my phone until the big hand gets to the six, then you have to give me the phone,” and the kid will be upset when I remove the phone, instead of giving him the opportunity to give it over to me. or “You can play until the big hand hits 12, then you have to get in bed,”

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