How to increase engagement on Facebook in Malaysia: step by step + 7 tips

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When it comes to gaining customers and followers, the use of social media is extremely important.

Facebook is the most used social network in Malaysia and the world, with more than 2.7 billion active accounts, 130 million of which are Malaysian.

Keep reading to find out How to Buy Facebook Likes Malaysia through these 7 amazing tips to put into practice today.

Facebook is a versatile network with diverse functionalities: you can use it in your personal life to interact with friends and family, as well as in your professional life, to communicate your brand to potential customers.

In this context, engagement on Facebook is extremely important for your brand to be seen, after all, you want to be where your customers are.

If, however, the number of likes, comments, and shares on your page is decreasing and you are experiencing a drop in engagement, we have the tips you need to get out of this situation!

Engagement with a post on Facebook is every action that the user takes regarding what you post, that is, the number of likes, comments, and shares.

How to increase engagement on Facebook is a concern for every account manager.

Likes represent people’s approval; comments generate discussions about the topic you are talking about, increasing interest; Lastly, shares increase your post’s reach.

There’s also the number of times people tag your profile in posts, and if you have a physical store, engagement may include the number of check-ins at your location.

The official Playstation page on Facebook, for example, has more than 39 million followers, and, frequently, users mark the Playstation profile when requesting updates for games and promoting products related to the brand, among other actions.

All of this increases the reach of publications, attracting more people to buy games and Sony’s electronic game consoles, which sell the most worldwide.

As you can see, an engaged audience brings many advantages to a brand, and, therefore, one of the concerns of every marketer and influencer is how to increase the reach of Facebook posts and the number of interactions.

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How to increase engagement on Facebook? 7 unmissable tips

People often ask: how to increase engagement on Facebook?

How to increase engagement on Facebook? How to increase the number of followers? How to increase the visibility of a page on Facebook?

All of this is possible with these 7 unmissable tips that we have put together so that you can get more engagement on your social network. Follow along to find out what they are.

1. Use hashtags

Hashtags are part of all social networks. They are tags or keywords that are associated with a topic that you want to explicitly index in the application.

It is not uncommon, for example, for bars and restaurants pages to use hashtags such as #food or #wheretocomer in their posts: this way, every time a network user searches for these hashtags, they will find the establishment’s page.

In other words, the use of hashtags helps to increase the visibility and number of likes of your posts and, consequently, the number of visits to your website.

Some tips you can follow when creating your hashtags:

  • Don’t write too many words together, as they create an ugly appearance;
  • Research the hashtag before using, it so you can choose the hashtags that are most trending;
  • Use a hashtag that matches your post — your hashtag should refer to the topic or product you want to cover.

2. Use a CTA

CTA is the acronym for Call to Action or, in Portuguese, “Call for Action”.

Concluding your posts with a call to action gives your followers a suggestion to interact.

It can be through phrases like “tag your friend” or “leave your comment” or, more quickly, leave questions: “What do you think?”, “And you, did you like this product? Tell us”.

3. Keep it brief

The first 5 hours of a Facebook post’s life represent 75% of the engagement it will get.

To give you an idea, people spend between 1.7 and 2.5 seconds looking at each post while scrolling through their feeds.

This means that your post needs to grab attention as soon as the user passes by it.

Therefore, keep your post short to quickly grab attention and encourage people to engage with your post.

4. Use images

Using images is a way to increase your engagement. It can be a simple photo, as long as it is beautiful.

For those who are selling a product, for example, the photo can be of a customer or of the item itself that you want to sell.

For influencers, it can be a photo of themselves or something related to the theme they are proposing.

An influencer who deals with travel, for example, can post a photo of the last trip he took or the place he wants to talk about.

5. Post consistently and on time

The Facebook feed is based on an algorithm: not everyone saw your post at the time it was posted. Still, the post must be made on time with more users using the network. you can also Buy Facebook Followers From Malaysia 

A good window is between 9 am and 7 pm, when there are a greater number of accesses.

The most important thing is that your posts are made consistently so that the public sees your content regularly.

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